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Focus on High-end Essential Oil Skincare Market, Find How this Brand to Make Evolution and Breakthrough


AG龙虎斗         At night of 9th August 2016, the marketing conference of “Youya” brand (a high-end essential oil skincare brand under Uniasia) was grandly opened at Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. 1500 dealers from many places of China gathered in Guangzhou, and jointly discussed the brand marketing strategy of Youya.


        Based on oriental fragrance, developing business in high-end essential oil skincare market

        At this conference, When Mrs. Wu Zhiqing, CEO of Uniasia Group, talked of the brand positioning and target market of Youya, she expressed that, presently the subdivided market of “essential oil skincare” is a large cake with great potential in China. According to a report on essential skincare market issued by the State Ministry of www.kpcp1476.cnmerce, it shows that essential oil products generally account for more than 30% of the whole cosmetic market in the mature cosmetic market in Europe and USA. However, in Chinese domestic market, the essential oil skincare products account for less 1%. This means that there is great market space to be dug for essential oil skincare products.



        As the skincare brand for professional beauty parlors, Youya that is positioned as “oriental fragrance+vegetable skincare” was originated in 2014, and has established close relationship with “essential oil care” since that time. Presently, Youya product series take fragrance raw materials as the carrier, include such oriental and precious fragrance ingredients as ligumaloes, the pride of China, Cananga, cedar and so on. The excellent product quality is integrated with the professional body care techniques, Youya addresses itself to creating pleasant and www.kpcp1476.cnfortable care experiences for women loving beauty, and has successfully attracted many firm consumer groups in skincare market of the professional beauty parlors in China.

        Integrating the frontier technology, leading the new fashion of essential oil skincare
       In daily-use chemical industry, Youya brand is owned by Uniasia Group that is famous for innovative R & D and that has never stopped exploring and improving the technology and products. As the only one Uniasia skincare brand sold for high-end beauty parlors, Youya inherits the fine origin and gene of Uniasia.



         As for R & D of Youya products, on the basis that ingredients of many oriental forest plants are integrated, such national skincare patents as the key technology for bio-peptide based aging-resistant cosmetic, preparation of Chinese traditional medicine moistening and aging-resistant ingredient and research on application in the cosmetic and so on, Uniasia cooperated with Guanglai Qingyi (a fragrance preparation master in Japan and the original chief fragrance master for Shiseido), jointly prepared the authentic and natural fragrance of several forest plants of Youya brand, and oriental fragrance and vegetable skincare concepts of Youya are integrated with Youya product series. Ding Qinghong, General Manager of Youya Brand Division, expressed that the great product R & D and innovation strength is confidence for Youya brand to enter the essential oil skincare market.

        Forging the elite team, www.kpcp1476.cnprehensively upgrading the terminal channel building
        The pure vegetable essential oil is expensive, and the best effect can be achieved through utilizing the professional techniques during use, and thus the consumers mostly consumes essential oil products at professional SPA centers, beautification and skincare parlors and so on, and the consumers tend to select the brand that can make them to experience the professional service.
        Thus, while strengthening the product innovation and the terminal image building, Youya also focuses on providing systemic and professional training for employees and partners. In 2016, Youya and Helihemei (a professional marketing consulting and management organization) carry strategic cooperation, takes “achieving employee value and realizing client’s value” as the mission, established “2016 annual and four-quarter training system of Youya Business School”, and offer many education courses for the brand employees, suppliers, dealers, terminal stores and other partners.


       Ding Qinghong, General Manager of Youya Brand Division, expressed that, with the training mode of “business school”, strong talent internal driving force is brought for the brand in market www.kpcp1476.cnpetition. Presently, with practice of the past two quarters, Youya business school has conducted training all over China. Employee teams and partners of Youya have learned many in such aspects as service mind, marketing concepts, professional skills and so on. Ding Qinghong said that, “each employee and partner are the footstone for the brand development, Youya attaches great importance to forging “win-win and growth”, only with cooperation and win-win by many parties, brand development in future can be promoted.” On the date of the conference, Youya also specially established the honor and www.kpcp1476.cnmending activities for the partners with excellent performance. As the stars at that night, such partners deliver the model force for the market personnel at different places in China.



        As for the brand future planning, Ding Qinghong expressed that, at the age of value creation, kicking on homogenization and finding the differentiation value are the important ways for dig the brand market potential. Youya has been seeking the new development space through continuous exploring and innovation. In future, improving the product system, forging the differentiation high-end essential oil skincare products and innovating the marketing and service forms will be the key works of Youya. The brand will cooperate with the partners to realize the overall breakthrough in the market field.