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The Second Flagship Store of MOR (an Uniasia brand) Settles Down at Chatswood, Sydney


AG龙虎斗         Rencently, MOR (an Uniasia brand for body and life care and with Australian origin) opens its second flagship store at Chatswood, a famous Chinese area in Sydney.

       MOR originated from Melbourne in Australia, specializes in body and life care field. The package is luxurious and ancient, fragrance is unique, product style is special, new sensory experience can be offered for the consumers.


Real view of MOR. Sydney brand flagship store


        Mr. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, has ever said that, the product line of MOR mainly focuses on body care field (such as handcare cream, bath foam, body cream) and fields of perfume, candle and so on previously, “however, for realizing more extensive coverage of MOR and making consumers in more regions to be able to buy MOR products, we decide to extend the product line of MOR, for example, extend to skincare products.” As for brand positioning, MOR will still reserve its luxurious and romantic fragrance design concept and elegant life philosophy.



         Presently, production line of Mor covers such many fields as body care, candle, toilet soap, cosmetic and so on. The main prices of its product mainly ranges from 30 from 80 Australian dollars (about RMB150-400). MOR inherits the noble and elegant style of baroque from Italia, wins favor from the customers. MOR Christmas gift boxes bewww.kpcp1476.cne the best gifts for Australians at each Christmas.



        MOR owns 2500 sales offices all over Australia, such sales offices are located at such department stores as David Jones, Myer and so on that can match the MOR brand positioning, and high-end cosmeceutical stores that is represented and led by Priceline. Presently, business of MOR has been expanded to such countries as USA, Japan, France, UK, Spain, Italia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Republic and so on. In October and November of this year, MOR has opened flagship stores at Melbourne and Sydney successively. In future, MOR flagship stores will also be opened in Malaysia, Shanghai and so on.


Real view of MOR. Malaysia Parkson Store